What People Say About Us

Leprosy is a curable disease. Not only that but due to the introduction of MDT (Multi Drug Therapy) it is curable within a year, however mind set of the people is not yet changed. There are still many blind beliefs in the minds of the people that the leprosy is a curse of God. Once affected it may not be cured. These misconceptions are the main hurdles in treating the persons affected by leprosy because affected persons hide the disease & do not take treatment at an early stage.

Our Goals and objectives

If treated at the earlier it will not have any deformities, but unfortunately due to the social stigma people hide the disease and do not take proper treatment at the earliest. ILU is struggling hard to remove this blind belief & social stigma, by organizing Seminars & Workshops in various endemic states of the county.

Our goals and objectives

Our focus is always on to remove stigma & discrimination associated with leprosy, We Disseminate accurate information about the disease.


The problem & sufferings of is as old as society exits. It has medical social, Psychological & economical aspect. Mind set of Persons Affected by Leprosy, medical Fraternity & legal professionals along with society members need to be changed. It is long & continuous process and we have to continue it until the day Leprosy & Persons Affected by Leprosy are considered as a Human Being & treated with respect & dignity.


Winning the war against leprosy can only provide dignity, empowerment & strength to Persons Affected by Leprosy Hence it is our endeavor to fight against this disease in over all aspects.

Our goals and Objectives

Last but not the least we are always pressing the need to empower this Persons Affected by Leprosy by way of education, giving them some livelihood projects & give them recognition in order to assimilate them in the main stream of the society.


Sharad Bhosale

Executive Director

Our Bearer

Justice Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari


Late Dr.S.D Gokhale

Founder President

Mr. Ram Naik


Now Governer of UP


Vice President(Leprosy)

Dilip Satbhai

Hon. Treasurer

Mrs.Rohinee Gokhale

Hon. Secretary

Sharad Bhosale

Executive Director